10 Best #Laptops for #Web #Development and Web #Designing

Source: 10 Best Laptops for Web Development and Web Designing – TheDigitalHacker. If you’re looking for a laptop that helps you in web development and web designing then here is a list of laptops especially for web development and web design.

There are various things that a developer would need like a best and fast processor and a highly powerful graphics card.

The laptop must have at least 8GB of RAM with a good storage capacity because the software is highly powerful and consume lots of space. Don’t forget that the laptop you’re choosing has the best keyboard because software developers and web design require lots of typing.

How can we forget the battery backup, the laptop must have a good battery backup so that you can carry out whenever possible. Also, the laptop must have good speakers and various important ports for connecting Other gadgets useful in web designing.

Things to look before buying a laptop for web design

  • Processor
  • Screen Size
  • A comfortable quality keyboard
  • Design that represents you
  • Weight (not much, the lighter in weight, the higher in configuration)
  • Heating & Cooling (Shouldn’t heat much, prefer laptops having better cooling)
  • Screen Color Accuracy
  • RAM (Frontend: Minimum 8GB, Backend: 16GB)
  • Touch Recommended

Considering the above specification, we filtered some of the best laptops for web design and web development. We have ensured, either you do the basic work with bootstrap or code an application that runs on docker, these apps will help you get the job done.

Note: Measures like overall performance, user experience and easiness of keyboard is considered in priority over other metrics.

Let’s look at the 10 best laptops for web designing and web development

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