7 Things That #Ubuntu Does Better Than #Windows

Source: 7 Things That Ubuntu Does Better Than Windows. Is Ubuntu really just for nerds? No! Ubuntu is as easy to use as Windows… and in some ways, Ubuntu is better than Windows 10!

That doesn’t mean it is the best option for you, though. You may have heard about the Linux operating system, Ubuntu. If you haven’t tried it, you may be missing out on some excellent features.

Here are all the things that Ubuntu does better than Windows.

1. Updates

Just as you sit down to work at your Windows PC, you get a popup asking you to update Windows. After the update manager has downloaded the large files required, you must reboot the computer. In previous editions, you were able to choose when to restart your computer.

However, Microsoft decided that Windows 10 will determine for you, randomly rebooting your computer when you least expect it. Just as you’ve got back up and running, you open your favorite software, and another popup appears, asking you to update the software before you can use it.

This situation occurs because Windows, and macOS, handles operating system and application updates separately. Windows Update focuses primarily on critical infrastructure updates, leaving the apps to request manual updates when needed.

Ubuntu takes a different approach. Installations and updates are managed via repositories. Instead of downloading the application from the developer’s website, the repositories contain the software packaged for your edition of Ubuntu. Using these repositories, the Software Updater can notify you of pending updates.

It’s not just application updates that are handled in this way; operating system updates are bundled into the Software Updater as well. This makes it a single destination to manage all your updates, which is far simpler than the per-app basis found on Windows 10.

2. Computer Security

If you’ve ever used a Windows PC, you’ll know you need antivirus software. Windows has long been the target of malware, scammers, and viruses. Part of this is due to its ubiquity—it’s much easier to write malicious software for the most popular operating system.

However, this is also due to how Windows 10 handles security. There’s no getting away from the fact that Ubuntu is more secure than Windows. User accounts in Ubuntu have fewer system-wide permissions by default than in Windows.

This means that if you want to make a change to the system, like installing an application, you need to enter your password to do it. In Windows, you don’t. This makes it much more challenging to execute malware or a virus inside Ubuntu. Microsoft has introduced the User Account Control (UAC), which performs a similar function, though.

Despite these critical differences, Linux isn’t immune to viruses; they are just less likely. You should still browse the web safely, visit reputable sites, and be careful. If you’re after peace of mind, consider installing one of the best free Linux antivirus programs.

3. Customization

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