Professional #networking tips for the age of #remote #work and social distancing

Bill Detwiler
Bill Detwiler

Source: Professional networking tips for the age of remote work and social distancing – TechRepublic. Developer relations specialist Wesley Faulkner explains how to avoid the biggest professional networking mistakes people make and how to effectively make contacts when everyone’s working from home.

Professional networking can be a challenge during the best of times, and doing it in the age of remote work and social distancing can seem impossible. But it’s not. On this episode of  Dynamic Developer , I had a chance to talk with Wesley Faulkner about the biggest mistakes developers (or anyone) make when networking and how to successfully make those all-important professional contacts as telecommuting becomes more the rule than the exception.

Wesley is a public speaker, developer relationship specialist, worked as a social media and community manager for Atlassian and held a variety of roles at AMD, Dell, and IBM. He’s also a founding member of the government transparency group Open Austin and ran for Austin City Council in 2016. So, he knows a lot about how to make connections. The following is a transcript of the interview (edited for grammar).

Biggest professional networking mistakes people make

Bill Detwiler: So before we talk about networking in the age of social distancing, let’s just start with the difficulties of networking in general. It’s not that easy in the best of times. As someone that looks at this a lot, and has talked about this, and written about this, what are some of the biggest mistakes that you see people making?

Wesley Faulkner: The biggest mistake usually is that people feel like their worth is based on what they do. I think that brings up a lot of insecurities and they don’t really think that who they are is something of value that should be presented. So they’ll give you a business card because that immediately says… it has the VP label, CEO label, executive director label or whatever. And they want you to know that, saying that I’m important enough to speak with. Some other people, they are only networking with people that they feel can give them value, which is extremely shortsighted. Because what you need today, or that hour, or the next week… you might not want to do that trade off long-term.

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