CO #Health Information Exchange Incorporates #Medical #Image Exchange

Christopher Jason
Christopher Jason

Source: CO Health Information Exchange Incorporates Medical Image Exchange. The medical image exchange empowers the health information exchange to send and receive MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, mammograms, and x-rays.

CORHIO, a top health information exchange (HIE) in Colorado, has unveiled a partnership with a medical image exchange company to power the transfer of medical images between healthcare providers in the state.

Regardless of the health system or EHR system, the HIE can now facilitate images between its 19,000-plus users in Colorado.

Using this partnership, providers will be able to exchange MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, mammograms, and x-rays.

The medical imaging company, Health Images, has sent radiology reports to CORHIO since 2016 for authorized users to access.

“This project marks an exciting milestone for CORHIO and we are thrilled to partner with Health Images to make these results available to the healthcare community in Colorado,” said Morgan Honea, CEO of CORHIO. “Health Images is the first organization to successfully provide links to diagnostic images in our HIE, which will greatly enhance the patient results available in the CORHIO network.”

Prior to this addition, providers were forced to log into a separate system or call other facilities to have the images sent via mail or fax machine.

With medical images now available on a secure web-based portal, providers can now save time by clicking on a link to access the images in the portal. This secure portal aims to improve communication among providers who are on a separate EHR systems, storing medical records for the same patients.

“We at Health Images take pride in providing quick, easy access to patient’s reports and images for doctors and staff,” said Shelley McLeod, vice president of operations at Health Images. “This leads to more efficient and effective treatment for patients. With CORHIO as an avenue that is widely used, we are excited to collaborate with them on this offering.”

Medical image exchange is an industry-wide issue.

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