#PMI: These 6 #AI technologies will dramatically reshape enterprise #project #management

Source: PMI: These 6 AI technologies will dramatically reshape enterprise project management – TechRepublic. Artificial intelligence (AI) tech such as deep learning and process automation is changing how projects are managed today and will have an even greater effect tomorrow.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated enterprise operations to the point that it now determines an organization’s success, including in the area of project management. In a report, Project Management Institute (PMI) examines how six AI technologies are affecting today’s project managers and will affect project management operations in the future.

PMI’s AI Innovators: Cracking the Code on Project Performance (2019) found that in the next three years, project professionals expect overall AI usage to jump from 23% to 37% and the majority of respondents (81%) said their organizations are currently being affected by AI technologies.

“Project leaders are in the earliest stages of adopting AI to streamline–and improve–project work. AI technologies are already contributing to higher productivity and better quality,” said Mark Broome, chief data officer at PMI. “For example, technology is decreasing the amount of time project managers need to spend on activities like monitoring progress and managing documentation–they can rely on AI for these more administrative tasks. The time saved can then be repurposed to more strategic and creative tasks and planning.”

Along with monitoring progress and managing documentation, project managers also spend a lot of time finding patterns, efficiences, and redundancies in projects–tasks that can be expedited by AI and machine learning tools, said Ronald Schmelzer, principal analyst at Cognilytica.

Top AI technologies affecting project management

  1. Knowledge-Based Systems: 

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