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Cynthia Argentine
Cynthia Argentine

Source: Cybersecurity education, careers on the rise | News | goshennews.com. Cynthia Argentine, author of “STEAM jobs in Cyber Security” recently spoke to students in grades 4-6 at Zionsville Public Library’s Cybersecurity 101 class, offering education on personal security and options

“It’s important because there’s a huge demand for expertise in this area,” Argentine said. “One of the points I make is computer experience in education, but many traditional classes are helping prepare you. In general, it’s about problem solving, so composing music, designing art … those skills are also valuable.”

The U. S. Department of Commerce has stated there are currently 350,000 cybersecurity jobs going unfulfilled in 2020 – a large number, but perhaps underestimated compared to Cybersecurity Ventures’ estimate of 3.5 million unfilled positions expected in 2021.

Regardless of the estimates and statistics, one thing is for sure – the need for cyber security experts isn’t going anywhere and as more colleges today are offering courses on the subject, the effort to educate young people on opportunities and protecting themselves is also rising.

Argentine spent a few moments filling students in on the basics and then played three games, with the goal of giving the young people a clear picture of what’s happening in the cyber world.

“We played a Jeopardy game with topics like hack attacks, cybercrime, school and jobs, and other things related to the field,” Argentine said. “There was a wide range of knowledge. Some already had a decent idea and for others, the information was brand new.”

The children also played a simulation game, developed by Argentine, learning how data travels the internet. The third game involved decoding messages.

“I think they had different levels of grasping the information. They’ve heard terms like ‘virus’ and ‘worm’ in society, but it’s difficult to see how it applies directly to their life or their family,” Argentine said. “I make it a point to explain how accounts are compromised and we go over some major data breaches like Yahoo, Facebook and Fortnite.”

Among the tips Argentine shared with students were:

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