A Tale of Two Late-Career #IT #Pros (and the Vital Importance of #Soft #Skills)

Ed Tittel
Ed Tittel

Source: A Tale of Two Late-Career IT Pros (and the Vital Importance of Soft Skills) | Articles. Beyond a certain age, finding a new IT job can pose challenges that younger workers may not face.

As a person whose long-term planning objectives include retirement in five more years, it’s probably no surprise that your humble correspondent knows a lot of people in that same boat. Interestingly, in the last week or so, I’ve talked to two old friends about finding new jobs.

I’ve worked with both of them for 20 years or longer. In fact, I’ve written an equal number of books with each of them — on the order of four or five. Let me start my tale with a couple of introductions.

Meet the New Old Candidates, or Should that Be the Old New Candidates?

Both of my colleagues and former co-authors are quintagenarians (click the link if you need to look it up). Both have college degrees and 20-plus years of work experience, and have been earning six-figure salaries for the past decade or longer.

One comes out of IT operations in the oil and gas business, and has been a director of IT operations for a major chemical company. Says she: “Of all the jobs I’ve ever held, I enjoyed that one the most, but being on-call 24/7/365 was a grueling assignment.” After getting out of the trenches, she earned certifications in security, audit, and governance, including CISA, CGEIT and CRISC.

For the past decade or longer, she’s been involved in security audit and governance matters for a series of large companies. She’s currently responsible for global security policy audit and compliance analysis and reporting for a major oil and gas (upstream) organization.

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