#CES 2020: #5G, #robots, #AR, #VR and more

Source: CES 2020: 5G, robots, AR, VR and more – The Manila Times. The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s premier consumer electronics show, is just around the corner. It runs from January 7 to 10, but features a two-day preshow chock-full of revealing corporate presentations and press conferences hosted by the “big boys” of the industry on January 5 and 6.

CES is considered the largest and most influential tech trade event on the planet, where the entire technology ecosystem from top-tier giants to emerging start-ups come together to do business and cross-pollinate ideas and innovations.

The convention boasts over 4,500 exhibitors, developers, manufacturers and suppliers specializing in consumer tech hardware, software, content and delivery systems.

Besides the many deals transacted there, its main claim to fame is as the world’s premier showcase for unveiling cutting-edge technology and next-generation innovations by the industry’s top pioneers and trend-setters that will go on to reshape the consumer experience.

Here are some of the top trends and innovations anticipated at this year’s show.


Mega-screen, 8K, OLED TVs and much more. As streaming giants lure more viewers out of the cinemas and back to their living room couches, big-screen TVs are surging in market share, leading to some fierce competition between TCL, LG, Samsung and Sony, with other manufacturers, like Vizio and Hisense, expected to weigh in too.

8K TV prices are still beyond most consumers’ reach at about $3,500, though Chinese multinational, TCL, now the 2nd best-selling TV brand in the world, is applying downward price pressure to make these TV’s more affordable.

Additional innovations will continue to be developed such as MicroLED, rollable OLEDs, and Dual LCDs, but are not likely to be affordable in volume for some time.


5G is “the big enchilada” — the Holy Grail that many of the major electronics firms are pursuing. We expect to see significant advances in speed, efficiency and reliability of 5G this year that will impact virtually all sectors, most notably, communications, entertainment and digital health. Near-term, we will likely see more laptops equipped with mobile broadband capability to provide 5G hotspot access, as needed, until real 5G networks are fully deployed.


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