What should we expect from #cybersecurity in #2020?

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/jijomathaidesigners)
(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/jijomathaidesigners)

Source: What should we expect from cybersecurity in 2020? | ITProPortal. Ten security experts share their thoughts on the year ahead.

With ransomware and cyber-attacks being at the forefront of headlines this year, it’s no surprise that cybersecurity is becoming an ever more pressing concern for companies to do it right. This is not just in certain sectors, but across industries, affecting organisations of all sizes – this year has even seen record breaking fines under GDPR for data breaches put forward by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to organisations such as Marriott international and British Airways.

So, as 2019 draws to a close, ten security experts share their thoughts on the year ahead and where companies need to focus their cybersecurity efforts, with ITProPortal.

Be ransom-aware

With the number of ransomware attacks having taken place over the past year being higher than last year, it’s unlikely that this will slow down in 2020. Steve Nice, Chief Technologist at Node4 predicts: “In 2020, there’s no doubt that phishing and ransomware will continue to evolve and be the number one threat to businesses, as attackers are always looking for – and exploiting – new attack vectors. Whilst there may be headline grabbing attacks on connected vehicles, TVs etc, phishing and ransomware are still the primary revenues for cyber-criminal gangs, and users will still be blasé about security.”

Steve continues, “However, there will be new vulnerabilities in 2020, and while older technologies (technical debt) will continue to be exploited, mobile phones will evolve to become a prime attack vector. For example, there could be a ransomware attack on Android phones, where the whole phone becomes completely inoperable unless you pay for a decryption key.”

Alan Conboy, Office of the CTO, Scale Computing agrees with this, commenting that, “The recent news cycle has been flooded with organisations from airlines to banks and hospitals, even entire local governments, falling victim to ransomware attacks. Threats such as these are evolving at a horrific pace, and they will continue to become smarter, more lucrative and increasingly devious in 2020. So, to the organisations that think they can’t afford to modernise their infrastructure defences, well, the truth is that they can’t afford to not do so.”

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