Futuristic #hotels for #business #travelers in China and Japan

N.F. Mendoza
N.F. Mendoza

Source: Futuristic hotels for business travelers in China and Japan – TechRepublic. Multi-lingual robots, AI dinosaurs, holographs, mood lighting and more are some of the features found in hotels in China and Japan.

After staying at a Henn Na or the FlyZoo hotels, your regular lodging will seem merely serviceable. Here’s a look at Japan’s Henn Na and China’s FlyZoo futuristic hotels.

Japan’s Henn Na Hoteru or Henn Na Hotels, owned by H.I.S., are renowned for high-tech features. In English, the hotel’s name roughly translates into “Strange” or “Weird” Hotel.

At the Henn Na near the Kansai Airport in Osaka, guests will find a hot springs facility, and a lobby that mimics being underwater. But most cool? The front desk is staffed by robotic dinosaurs.

“The dinosaurs are somewhat gimmicky,” admitted Jay Allen of the website Unseen Japan, but “Henn Na has used the concept to push other technology and innovations that benefit travelers by offering a ‘futuristic’ stay experience.”

Allen points out that Henn Na Hotels feature state-of-the-art equipment in rooms, including a steam closet (for steaming clothes and killing bacteria), a smartphone with local internet connectivity for roaming the city, and an AI-powered,  in-room remote control, for guests to call home, stream videos, control the room’s lighting and serve as a remote for the TV.

A new Henn Na Hotel in Tokyo Ginza was built specifically for business travelers, and at the front desk, guests are greeted by humanoid “female” robots. The robot staff  not only greets guests, but checks them into their rooms. The robot speaks English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese, and can smile, blink and move her arms.

For the Ginza-located hotel, each room also features a 4K television, as shown in the hotel’s promotional video. Robots are assigned tasks such as cleaning the windows and floors, but humans make the beds and handle communications.

To read more and a video… Futuristic hotels for business travelers in China and Japan.

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