Top 9 #computer #languages to know for 2020

Source: Top 9 computer languages to know for 2020 – TechRepublic. Why computer languages are as important in the tech universe as spoken language, and what you should know for the new year.

In some circles in life, being monolingual is a distinct disadvantage. In computer language, it renders you nearly obsolete.

While you may have an expertise in one programming language, it’s critical you be at least rudimentarily familiar with programs that potentially new-to-you companies require. It will have a direct impact on not only your first job, but subsequent ones, and may also directly correlate to your salary potential.

A new study published last month in JAMA Pediatrics studied brain scans of young children and found that kids aged 3 to 5 years old had underdeveloped white matter in their brains if they watched screens for more than an hour a day. The researchers from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital said these early years are vitally important for brain development, and screen time is inhibiting this in many children.

Parents need to do better. We know life gets stressful and portable tablets and devices make it easier to take screens anywhere. How many times have we seen a toddler in a shopping cart at the grocery store grasping a smart phone with children’s songs blaring out. We’re not trying to judge, but moms and dads need to fight the temptation to turn devices on when they’re children get a little fussy. How about a rattle, stuffed animal or picture book to flip through. Parents also need to find down time for themselves so the harried nature of parenting doesn’t overwhelm them. That is when they are more likely to take the easy way out.

Doctors can also play a role. More need to educate their patients on the pitfalls of too much screen time. We know parents have heard the messages, but clearly the dangers aren’t resonating. The messaging needs to be stronger and to a wider audience of parents.

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